The Focus Challenge


A smart game that helps improve work interfaces in a task oriented environment

Our professional skills are an important condition for success, but in order to create meaningful and breaking through achievements we need to develop a high level of communication and influence skills, an ability to focus, and social intelligence


Focus™ is a smart and experiential game, that makes it possible to build insights that override the intellect and thus…

Identify our personal patterns and those of the people around us

Identify our skills and strengths, and alongside them, the “traps” that we tend to fall into

Adopt new and more effective patterns, suited to our individual style.


Picture this scene:


Participants are divided up into teams, and must carry out tasks, winning points for reaching the target in the given time.

It will be difficult to succeed without…


Planning and intelligent prioritization

Adopting a “big picture” perspective

Successful communication

Collaboration between individuals and teams

Initiative, being proactive and determination


The game features three stages


  1. Execution

  2. Learning

  3. Implementing and improving